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Shopping For the Man in Your Life: Getting the Perfect Gift

Get the perfect gift for the man in your life

Guys, make sure your partner reads this!

Finding the ideal gift for a man is never easy and often, many of us choose to stick with the traditional gifts that hardly ever get used. This year why not be adventurous and inject a little fashion into your man’s life?

A stark realisation hit me today and I may get heckled for saying this but there are only four months left until Christmas. I know, it is a bit of a frightening thought and one we try to keep in the back of our minds for as long as possible but the fact of the matter is simple; it is time to start planning and thinking ahead.

For many, the joy of Christmas comes in the mad dash, the rush for the presents and the hectic ‘no time for anything’ schedule that leaves us all getting grey hairs. However, this year I personally aim to be a little more careful in my pre planning and be wiser with my pennies by beginning my shopping a little early and now that September is here it is time to research the options.

As a man, I know full well how difficult we can be to shop for. Fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, grandfathers or uncles; when the time comes to give a gift we know full well that DVDs, ties and socks and slippers are the best bet but this Christmas why not go a little further and give something different?

Get the perfect gift for the man in your life

In fact, I keep saying “for Christmas” but whether it is a birthday or otherwise, why not push the boat out and give a fashionable gift. Whether he is a self confessed fashion buff, just a gentleman who likes to look classy, someone who appreciates a little quality or even someone who could do with a little bit of help, giving a wardrobe gift is perfect.

Whether ties, cufflinks, shoes, a jacket, coat, or shirt; the right quality choice will be one worn time and time again. Still, if like the people in my life you’re used to giving the stereotypical beer glass and socks; knowing where to begin can be a little tricky.

Here are my top tips that are sure to help you inject a little bit of fashion into your man’s life…

  1. Investigate His Wardrobe – Nothing is worse than giving someone a gift that says “I know nothing about you”. When it comes to giving a fashionable gift you can find yourself skating on thin ice so be wise by investigating his wardrobe. Often it is easy to assume that you know his style and his taste but, when it comes to shirts there are specific cuts and fits, with shoes the styles vary as do the materials and with jackets the same; unless you know his every preference an investigation is vital. Go through his wardrobe and note what stands out, does he have a lot of shirts? Is there only one jacket hanging or does he look like he could do with a new pair of trousers? Check his sizes (which can vary depending on the item and brand), the most popular fits (loose, wide, regular, slim fit) and the items he seems to favour as this will give you a fighting chance.
  2. Be Practical – Do you remember as a child getting a horrid jumper at Christmas and throwing it into the black hole at the back of your wardrobe? Well avoid putting someone else in a similar position by being practical with your purchase. The last thing you want to do is buy someone a pair of shorts if they cringe at the thought of showing their legs and you don’t want to get someone a piece of clothing by one designer if they favour another. This ties into the first point but with four months left you also have enough time to see if your loved one has anything planned; a holiday they need to shop for, a wedding they need a shirt for or just a hankering for a new pair of shoes. If the gift we receive is one we can put to good use then we’ll be smiling!
  3. Research – I know I’m not exactly the good guy for mentioning Christmas this soon however to give a quality gift and one that won’t cost an arm and a leg as a result of Christmas price hikes, a little research is vital. Once you know the designer, the item and the style and colour take the time to browse the shops here and there and hunt online and if you get lucky you might even catch some end of season sales. I recommend taking a look at Ted Williams Menswear as they have a wide range of designer clothes on sale, particularly shirts and coats. PS: Preparation like this might seem extreme but with so many people to buy for, the last thing you want to do is break the bank.
  4. Lasting Quality – Whatever gift you choose to get, the one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd is quality. My mother still proudly shows off a shawl she was given a number of years ago and no doubt you will want the same reaction, after-all if you take the time to shop for a gift the last thing you want is for it to end up in the bin within a month. A number of mens designers are renowned for their quality and some specialise only in specific items; for example Oliver Sweeny are renowned for their shoes and Eton Shirts are of course renowned for their shirts. Whatever your choice of item you should never compromise on quality (this is where advance research and an awareness of sales can help). If your man is a little more extravagant, likes to think he’s different or just generally appreciates quality fashion accessories, why not take a look at some of our handmade bowties – who knows, you might just find the perfect gift.

Whatever the occasion, whether it is the oncoming holidays, birthdays or name days, be a little adventurous this year and break the mould by giving a gift that screams style all the way!

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